PGDS distribute 100% Human extensions. PGDS Human Hair IS NOT processed and only comes in 3 Natural Patterns; Straight, Wavy, and Steamed Curly. These extensions ARE NOT mixed with any fibers and has NO CHEMICALS, you will receive human textures and quality, NO MADE TEXTURES. 100% HUMAN HAIR color 613 or ANY DESIRED COLOR.

**Sezzle orders may be subject to 1-3 day hold

Blonde Extensions

    • Hair can be dyed to blonde 613.

    • Top raw hair quality is the best hair in the market.

    • Hair from one donor whose age 16-20 years old.

    • Keep intact cuticle and all cuticle running in the same direction.

    • Can last 2-3 years if care well. This quality is suitable for salon, stylist who has strict demands on hair.