PREORDER Pretty Girls Don’t Sleep Waterproof Lace Glue ‼️‼️‼️This Glue is designed to have an EXTREME HOLD that will keep your lace in tack through extreme measures ❤️. Although The PGDS Lace Glue has an extreme hold even when tested with WATER, it is also VERY EASY TO REMOVE! This Offer will contain 1 bottle of PGDS Lace Glue and 1 bottle PGDS Lace Glue Remover. The PGDS Lace Glue Remover is made of oils, that just with 1 SPRAY will slowly dissolve  the adhesive as you rub the oils into the glue removing the lace. NO OTHER GLUE HAS A HOLD LIKE THIS & IT CANNOT BE BOUGHT OFF OF THE SHELVES ☺️

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